Handcrafting High-End Cosmetic Formulas

  • It contains 292 pages!

  • Eight Chapters!

  • 38+ High-End formulations!

  • 110+ Ingredients to learn from with complete and detailed information and on which formulations you can use them!

  • All the equipment necessary and optional you need to purchase!

  • The physical book is available to purchase in Softcover or Hardcover with beautiful, high-quality pages!

  • Trusted Wholesale Suppliers list!

  • And MUCH, MUCH More!


  • The E-book version has the same exact content as the physical book!

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Book Content:

Chapter 1: Fundamental Information

  • How to convert percentages into grams and ounces.

  • Common Terminologies used when making cosmetic products.

  • How to make any products stand out from other companies.

  • What are the laws regarding an online small business? (FDA Laws, how to be compliant, etc.)

  • How to properly label cosmetic products.

  • 'Can you label your products Organic or Natural?'

Chapter 2: Ingredients

  • What are natural cosmetics?

  • Are all oils or kinds of butter the same?

  • Why is it essential to know the purpose of every ingredient?

  • Functions of every ingredient explained.

  • How to substitute any ingredient?

  • List of ingredients that are Thickeners.

  • List of Ingredients that are Carrier Oils, Silicones, Emollients, and Natural Butters.

  • List of ingredients that are Extracts.

  • List of ingredients that are Waxes.

  • List of ingredients that are Emulsifiers.

  • List of ingredients that are Humectants.

  • List of ingredients that are Texturizers and Fillers.

  • List of ingredients that are Clays.

  • List of ingredients that are Exotic Exfoliators.

  • List of ingredients that are Active Ingredients.

  • List of ingredients that are Hydrosols (liquids).

  • List of ingredients that are Stabilizers and pH Adjusters.

  • Micas with complete information.

  • Iron Oxides and Ultramarines with complete information and which are approved for cosmetic use on the lips, eyes or skin.

*Every ingredient listed in my book and e-book provides the following information:

  1. INCI Name

  2. Function

  3. Description

  4. Solubility

  5. Scent

  6. Benefits

  7. Substitutions

  8. Usage Instructions

  9. Recommended Usage

  10. What products can you make with it...?

  11. Is it Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

  12. Storage and it's Shelf Life

  13. Is it Approved to use in the U.S.A, Europe or BOTH?

  14. Where can you purchase it? With wholesale suppliers website.

Chapter 3: Equipment

  • I mention every equipment and tool you need and the ones that are optional.

  • I also provide photos and compare them to other tools and equipment, and each is described so you can decide which one better suits you.

  • I also talk about the pH indicator and I provide information with a table explaining it well.

  • Everything is very detailed and well explained for your convenience.

Chapter 4: Skin Care

  • I explain the different types of skin, their characteristics and what do each require.

  • A formulation called 'Exotic Face & Skin Cleansing Scrub'.

  • A formulation called 'Coffee Serum'.

  • A formulation called 'Exotic Ultra Recovery Face Serum'.

  • A formulation called 'Moisturizing Face & Skin Cream'.

  • A formulation called 'How to create Hyaluronic Acid'.

  • A formulation called 'Moisturizing Boost Spray'.

  • A formulation called 'Face and Skin Balm'.

  • A formulation called 'Make-up Remover'.

Chapter 5: Waterproof, Smudge-proof and Resistant Long-Lasting Formula Bases.

  • A formulation called 'Original Waterproof, Smudge-proof and Long Lasting Formula'.

  • A formulation called 'Water-resistant, smudge-proof and Long Lasting Base'.

  • A formulation called 'Gel Base, Water-resistant, smudge-proof & Long Lasting'.

Chapter 6: Face Make-up!

  • A formulation called 'Face Primer'.

  • Very detailed information about Foundations.

  • The Color Theory explained with examples of colors, mixed colors and how to adjust colors for different skin tones.

  • A formulation called 'Liquid Foundation'.

  • How to disperse Iron Oxides into 'Liquid Colors'.

  • A formulation called 'Cream Foundation'.

  • A formulation called 'Concealer'.

  • A formulation called 'Di'Bellas Melt-and-Pour Foundation' (it's a Stick Foundation).

  • A formulation called 'Translucent Powder'.

  • A formulation called 'Setting Spray'.

  • A formulation called 'Contour Stick'.

  • A formulation called 'Cream Blush, Highlighter and Bronzer'.

  • A formulation called 'Liquid Highlighter, Blush and Bronzer'.

Chapter 7: Eye Products

  • A formulation called 'Pressing Micas'.

  • A formulation called 'Pressing Matte Eyeshadows'.

  • A formulation called 'Pressing Cosmetic Grade Glitters' (Used for the skin but if you decide to use them on your eyelids please be careful when doing so and you are at your own discretion and risk.)

  • A formulation called 'Cream Eyeshadows'.

  • A formulation called 'Liquid Eyeliner'. 

  • A formulation called 'Eyeliner Pencil'.

  • A formulation called 'Gel Glitters' (Used for the skin but if you decide to use them on your eyelids please be careful when doing so and you are at your own discretion and risk.)

  • A formulation called 'Brow pencil'

  • A formulation called 'Liquid Brow Pomade'

  • A formulation called 'Brow Pomade'.

Chapter 8: Lip Products

  • A formulation called 'Matte Lipstick'.

  • A formulation called 'Liquid Matte Lip Color'.

  • A formulation called 'Lip Liner'.

  • A formulation called 'Creating a Lip Gloss'.

  • A formulation called 'Restorative Lip Balm'.

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